Sipp by Turtleneck
Black & Gold

249,00 kr

Sipp by Turtleneck® is a beautiful high-quality fabric cord you easily zip over your charger wires. It makes your charger tangle free, simple to bundle together for storage, easy to recognize, as well as protects your wires from getting dirty. Sipp by Turtleneck has a name tag inside so you will always know which charger is yours. Included in this package are two cords in different colors: Immortal Black and Sparkling Gold
Sipp by Turtleneck® is designed for 1 meter chargers (standard for most phone chargers). Sipp by Turtleneck® is made of Polyester. Charging wire is not included. Products are shipped from our warehouse in Norway, potential VAT & taxes are not included.


Technical Specification






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